The journey of a startup founder

This is not a happy ending story.

The beginning

It all started back in 2014. I had a startup whose clients were advertisers. It was a platform for users to review video ads in exchange for online points that could be redeemed for money or coupons. Watch and ad; rate it; be…

One month ago, I started to work part-time on a Figma Plugin to deploy my designs to custom domains automatically.

After thousands of lines of codes, I’m proud to let you know that I’ve achieved my goal! I can go from Figma to a Website with one click.

Here’s a…

From Figma to Website Automatically

Welcome to Makers’ log index 3. A place where I share the development of a Figma Plugin to build and publish websites directly in Figma.

Last week I worked on the UI and UX of the Plugin. This week was dedicated to translating Figma designs into websites. Here’s a demo:

Two weeks ago I asked SubReddit FigmaDesign if anyone wanted to have a Figma Plugin to build and launch sites directly in Figma.

They seemed to like the idea! So… I started to work on it.

I’m calling the Plugin “Makers”. Here’s an overview of the design and branding.

Fast forward two weeks and I’m now close to have an MVP ready to publish. This week I was working on building UI components on Figma. Here’s a demo:

Makers: Publish websites directly in Figma: first demo

I would love to get your thoughts, do you have any feedback? If you see yourself using this, sign up for early access at

Next step: converting Figma to a website and publishing it automatically! 🚀

Looking forward to see you around the Plugin soon.

You can subscribe to early access at

I’m building Makers. A Figma Plugin to publish your designs with 1 click.

This week I worked on the Plugin design. Specifically:

  1. Brand and Logo Design
  2. Public Pages
  3. Private Pages
  4. Publish Workflow

If you are more of a visual learner, here’s a…

Bryan Cranston and I at Amazon’s HQ in Seattle

Bryan Cranston was the lead actor in my favorite TV Show of all time: Breaking Bad. This story is not about him. It’s about Rob.


While on my journey to build a $1B company (spoiler: I failed), I was lucky enough to travel the world demoing our video recognition technology.

At boomApp we’ve developed a unique technology that is able to recognize millions of videos with a constant matching time under 5 seconds. This technological breakthrough allowed us to do a never before seen Augmented Reality for videos.

Video is the future of online and offline content, and being able…

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Failing at startups and trying it again. Product designer and developer building and

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