A Figma Plugin to Publish Your Designs with 1 Click

I’m building Makers. A Figma Plugin to publish your designs with 1 click.

This week I worked on the Plugin design. Specifically:

  1. Brand and Logo Design
  2. Public Pages
  3. Private Pages
  4. Publish Workflow

If you are more of a visual learner, here’s a video about this week’s work:

(Really poor editing quality, please bear with me 🙏)

Feel free to jump in the comments to provide feedback. Also, if you have friends or colleagues that will benefit from this Plugin, don’t hesitate to share our early access subscription: https://makers.so

1. 🎨 Brand and Logo Design

Makers Logo

Makers is all about accelerating product development for non-technical people. The goal is allow any Figma user (Designer, Product Manager, Founder, etc) to launch their designs into a fully responsive, SEO friendly website. No code required.

Why Makers? Well, the creators (or makers) economy is changing the landscape for the next generation of entrepreneurs. I want to help them succeed. This is for the Makers!

Why a heart with three different shapes and colors? Heart represents love. That’s what I feel for my users. Different colors represents diversity. Different shapes represents different UI components that compose a site.

2. 👨‍💻 Public Pages

How will the Plugin work?

In order to have full control of your design, I’ll have a list of UI components that you can add to your canvas and customize them as you want. This will make sure your site is responsive and won’t be buggy. Next week I’ll share an actual demo of the Plugin working 🙌

Because of the complexity of the application, I’ll have to ask you to create an account to be able to map your specific designs to your domain and sites. However you can use the Plugin without an account (I’ll only ask for an account to publish or preview your designs).

These are the first screens. Thoughts?

Makers Figma Plugin Public Pages

3. 🔑 Private Pages

These are the pages only signed up users will have access to. Not too much to comment here.

Makers Figma Plugin Private Pages

4. 🚀 Publish Workflow

These are the steps you’ll need to go through to publish your site.

  1. Select the entry point of your site (Home Page)
  2. Review all your pages’ metadata. This allows you to have great SEO
  3. Choose your Custom Domain
  4. Review the URL routes for your site
  5. And finally add a custom Favicon and a Google Analytics tag (both optional)
Makers Figma Plugin Publishing Workflow

That’s it for this week. If you came thus far, thank you! It mean I’m doing something right 😎

I hope to see you around the Plugin soon. Have a great day!



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John da Maia

John da Maia

Building http://makers.so From Figma to Site with one click. Fully Responsive.